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Industry Awards

Anvil Studio ranked #16 out of 4500 titles.

Anvil Studio has received TuCows ‘4 Cows’ award.

Anvil Studio has received a 5-Star award.

Anvil Studio has received an Outstanding award.

Anvil Studio is now available on the 100 Top Downloads CD distributed by Elettro Inc.

‘Willow Software is one of my favorite software companies on the 100 Top Downloads CDs, 4 stars for them, their software is worth trying,’ proclaims Dean Palermo, President and CEO of Elettro Inc., the makers of the 100 Top Downloads.

At last – a free composition program. And what’s more – it’s great. Anvil studio is a comprehensive composer for MIDI and WAV songs, although the free version has very limited WAV support. You can play the song on the keyboard in different modes and see the results on the scale of notes or edit them directly. Connection with external MIDI synthesizer is also supported. While Anvil Studio has enough advanced features to keep experienced composers satisfied it is the beginners who will benefit most from the loving care Willow Software have taken to ensure Anvil is easy to use. Firstly there is the help, which is almost always on-screen and acts much like a tutorial, then there are the practice modes and links to useful web-resources. Anvil Studio is simply superb – and as freeware it would be an insult not to download it.

5 Stars Awarded on x64bitdownload.com

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